About B.O.B:B.I.E.

Mission Statement: We are the central station of black businesses, to produce integrity and ethics, by bridging the gap between businesses & customers.

Bobbie US, Inc. a.k.a. BobbieDotBiz, a modern day “bible of black businesses”, is a nonprofit corporation (501c3 – pending) of compiled information that will keep us from wondering where the black owned businesses are located in the United States. BobbieDotBiz assists people in finding ALL CATEGORIES OF BUSINESSES that would serve their direct needs.

Since the fall of Black Wall Street in 1921, there seemed to be a continued struggle within the black community to rebuild –as a unit. Various weapons were, and are still, formed against us, and most of them prospered. However, the one thing these weapons were NEVER able to conquer was our dignity. As we search for more answers to the questions we constantly ask, we get more and more tired.

BobbieDotBiz’s founder, Natasha Zamor, constantly thought of a way to help revive black wall street once and for all. She wondered how O.W. Gurley (pictured) was able to blossom that never forgotten town in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His vision resulted in prosperity, and it only worked because everyone directly pooled their resources in the name of solidarity. Why can’t we do that again? Why can’t we have one source of the information and protect it?

Given the continued climate of our nation, we need to come together to further build our national community in a positive way and have a place to find each other. BobbieDotBiz builds strong support and does it with Integrity and Ethics in mind.

Think of “BOBBIE” as the person in the neighborhood that knows everyone and initiates the first line of communication between you and black owned businesses.

Welcome BOBBIE to the neighborhood and say “whaddup fam”!